Summer Project: All Natural Affordable Mascara

This summer I decided I would add a natural makeup section to my store. The main purpose of my store is not only to donate money to the Children’s Hospital of Oakland, but also bring along the theme of being true to who you are and accepting your natural beauty. Although several people might regard makeup to be the exact opposite of being “yourself” and accepting your natural beauty, I believe it’s exactly that. Makeup is a way of expressing who you are; it allows you to appear how you want to appear. For instance, women who want to be perceived as confident and strong might gravitate towards bold makeup looks like bright red lips and dramatic eye makeup. It also provides a sense of motivation; by being able to look how they want to be perceived, I believe it aids the individual in being brave enough to be who they want to be. The only line that I would draw is making sure that makeup doesn’t change an individual. It should be there to enhance features not alter or hurt them, and I think thats what many people don’t realize: many makeup products are extremely dangerous, including the everyday essential mascara.

When I first looked at the back of a mascara container and examined the ingredients, I realized there was only one ingredient that I recognized : aqua (water). Out of ignorance, I came to the conclusion that the remaining acids, sulfates, and other ingredients used would also be harmless. But one day while putting mascara on, I experienced a burning sensation around and in my eyes. And that’s when it came to me: if the drugstore makeup I used was truly harmless, it should not create this kind of pain. Later that day, I started looking into a few of the chemicals that were used, and I was completely astounded. Several of the ingredients used were known carcinogens, toxic, and caused a higher likelihood of causing tumors. Although they are in completely small quantities, for girls like me who put on mascara on a daily basis, they can build up in our bodies. Besides, I didn’t want to put anything that could harmful even near my skin. When I looked online for safer options, I found that they were almost twice as expensive as the drugstore mascaras which made no sense to me. Why is natural makeup more costly? Obviously it inhibits teen girls on a budget to buy these products.

For this exact reason I decided I would create an all natural affordable makeup. In addition, I want to create a mascara that not only is a great mascara but also good for your lashes and body. To show my credibility and reliability I decided that I would take you guys on the journey of making this mascara by providing daily updates on my finidings. I hope through this journey you will gain an awareness of the chemicals you are putting on/in your body.

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