Can we start seeing Good in Pakistan?

A few days ago, I visited a group of youth in their teens and early twenties for career counseling, thankfully every one of them belonged to a middle class family with reputed social status and free of primary essentials of hard labor which normally lower middle class goes for.

In the first few minutes, I tried to make them realize their true passions and desires in life other than money making through short cuts and job security. Unfortunately, their short cut desire was not fulfilled by my answers and counseling and I must profoundly accept it as compare to other soft skills trainers and performance management experts who claim to be successful no matter they are unable to answer honestly. What were those questions which I had no answer?

If I summarized the frequency of asked questions by young guys’ team, it became like this;

What is the future of Pakistan in times when fanaticism and bomb explosion is heard more than the any other worst news which contains little bit of hope of life?

Where will this radicalization end? From where should we seek rescue?

I got surprise over the questions which has nothing to do (in professional terms) with career advancement. In fact, such questions are not allowed by many professional speakers to avoid distractions. But the fact is that, we need answer of such questions only then we can grow out of current challenges. I realized myself this is the right time to discuss political narrative and vague social language which destroys future of Pakistan. Curious enough to know the rising radicalization’s impact on the mind set of few youth of Pakistan who know nothing about democracy or dictatorship. Even have no sense about right to freedom or right to express their thoughts. But concerned about their future and demanding future without Pakistan.

I know this sentence is irritating for many, the “future without Pakistan”. But yes, this is reality… Yes, the answer of this phrase lies here when I asked where you seek your future my brothers and sisters. Multiple voices echoes; Belgium, Germany, Europe…..United States……!!!!! Ah! I shouted! Wait a minute…Why? Why not Pakistan…Why do you seek future out of Pakistan? The answer was, Pakistan have no future Sir!

I became sharp enough to question them about Politics…Hey! Don’t you know United States is our enemy? Europe and every infidel country is enemy of Pakistan …then why …are you going and seeking financial security there?

Silence…..!!!!!!!! Everyone is whispering! Some guys are speaking hysterically! No answer! The future of the nation is walled from four sides and young generation is becoming the victim of the past traditions laid down by elders.

What is bad with the United States and West I began to think about it?