Religion is not a cult in the broadest sense of the term. Terrorist cults are fuelled by totalistic ideology and dogmatism.

The response of the French president made a tough statement with regards to the attack in France. Whispers of the beginning of World War III have been making their way around the globe within the past couple weeks. Some have speculated that France’s retaliation could be the spark for WWIII.

A few days ago I was talking to a guest at a college event. He was of the opinion that educational institutes should be available for every religious scholar to allow individuals to listen to multiple views. As far as it remains the matter of several religious sects, it is…

Navigating culture — overcoming conflicts between mind-sets.

There was silence around the lunch table where I was sharing my viewpoint about religious preaching. My host (a family member) was looking at me angrily. I was wondering what I did wrong and feeling guilty and embarrassed. But I was also trying to figure out which of my words made my host and his family angry. Two of my host’s children seemed surprised but indifferent about the sudden change of mood.

But then my host who was older than I asked me to another room and blasted at me with full throttle “You were never like this 8 years…

Street activism is a powerful tool of Social Change but in Pakistan it is used as a proxy to develop separatist socio political movements, radicalization groups and dogmatic citizenry.

There are many social movements containing social, political and radical slogans and agendas for bringing change in Pakistan. Recently Youth has been called onto the streets by “Azadi March” and “Inqalab March” led by Mr. Qadri and Mr. Khan. Mr. Khan is representing urban youth while Molana Qadri is representing mainly rural segments. A vague notion about “Revolution” is used widely in motivating youth and general citizens although few are even…

A few days ago, I visited a group of youth in their teens and early twenties for career counseling, thankfully every one of them belonged to a middle class family with reputed social status and free of primary essentials of hard labor which normally lower middle class goes for.

In the first few minutes, I tried to make them realize their true passions and desires in life other than money making through short cuts and job security. Unfortunately, their short cut desire was not fulfilled by my answers and counseling and I must profoundly accept it as compare to other soft skills trainers and performance management experts who claim to be successful no matter they are unable to answer honestly. What were those questions which I had no answer?

If I summarized the frequency of asked questions by young guys’ team, it became like this;

What is the future…

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weCARE is a dialogue tool designed to prevent conflict and brainstorm to innovate

Dialogue nourishes understanding and saves a harmonious future for families, cities and nations. According to international research, internal conflicts of countries will rise to a greater magnitude than external conflicts by 2050. If social dialogue is the right of every Pakistani,they must be given the opportunity to seek dialogue to avoid internal conflict within the family and community. Why are we afraid of initiating dialogue? Research also indicates that the world’s military and civil leadership needs to beproficient in resolving internal conflict without bloodshed and violence and that law enforcement institutions do not focus enough on peace by dialogue. …

M Ayub Ayubi

Writer: M Ayub Policy Analyst-Violent Extremism and Governance, Blogger, Social Innovator

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