Treeuphoria in Elmhurst Sculpture Garden

My outdoor cutout art installation Treeuphoria has been installed in Elmhurst Sculpture Garden, Queens NYC. (>> See the photos & video on my website!)

What is Elmhurst Sculpture Garden?

In NYC, there are many, many, MANY artists looking for spaces to show their works, and often getting rejected. Meanwhile, we seem to have no shortage for a poorly maintained lot filled with overgrown weeds, litter and dead rodents.

What if these disgusting lots all become platforms for artists to maintain, and to express ideas and connect with the surrounding community?

That is the coolest, revolutionariest insight that Yvonne Shortt, a social practice artist / sculptor in New York City, has given me with her art initiative, Elmhurst Sculpture Garden. It used to be one of those disgusting lots. Yvonne has cleaned it up with volunteers, started installing art pieces with community members, and invited other artists to show their ideas and works as well.

Elmhurst Sculpture Garden, before and during clean-up

I’ve been really excited by this art project of hers (if changing an everyday landscape isn’t art then what is?!?!?!) and I’m incredibly lucky to be part of it. I feel like I might be witnessing a pretty important moment of the art history or something, seriously. I’ve always loved the ideas of DIY CDr labels, basement music shows and apartment galleries. It’s about giving yourself a permission to do what you want to do. It’s about putting yourself in an empowered position where you decide if your project can happen or not. It’s about not waiting for freakin Prince Charming to make you Cinderella. Yvonne is taking this approach to the next level — to the public realm.

Paper cut & collage artist Art gifts for sea & bird lovers

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Mayuko Fujino

Mayuko Fujino

Paper cut & collage artist Art gifts for sea & bird lovers

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