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Can you hear the sound?

The slow crack —

Not of dawn, no, no.

Not glorious nor magnificent.

But breathtaking

Excruciating, of dying.

Listen —

It’s like glass kissing

The concrete floor

Pointed shards scattering


In everything.

No picking up the pieces, no, no

It’s ground like the finest dust

Eternally emitting

Constantly echoing

The sound of pain

Broken beyond repair.

I’m an indie author writing diverse, cross-genre fiction. I have a curated monthly newsletter, CruiZings, on topics of creativity, productivity, and positivity. Subscribe HERE and get a FREE BOOK.

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✴️ My first motto for the year: (First because I’m sure there will be more, as situations come and go)


✴️ Keep calm, self, even when deadlines are nearing. Don’t panic. Take a hold of your heart and tell yourself, “I can do this!” and then do it. Stop making excuses, looking for reasons, or dilly-dallying. Don’t just think of your goals. MAKE THEM HAPPEN.

✴️ Keep calm, self, even when words do not seem to flow freely. Breathe in, breathe out, tinker in the kitchen, watch a movie, read a book, draw or paint, sleep if you must. You’ll…

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I remember when

I was but three —

I sat upon your knee

A babe, your source of glee.

Then I was ten and three

Pretty, young, and carefree

You smiled as I asked about life

To hide your fears from me.

When I was twenty and three

You wept as my heart was crushed

But still, gently you taught me

It’ll heal, just do not rush.

And then, I was thirty and three

When my son took my place

Bouncing on your knees

Bringing back your happy face.

But forty and three I curse

For our roles were reversed

When you who were once strong

Became weak, sick, and worn.

Now I am three and fifty

You are gone, you left me

But hope remains in me

One day, again, together, we’ll be.

~ Mayumi Cruz 1/10/2021

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Photo by Michael Block from Pexels

For the raging storms and battering rains

And after, the warm embrace of the sun’s rays —

For every drop of bitter, sad tear

And countless peals of laughter after —

For hours of anxiety over illness

And the untold joy of relief upon healing —

For the grief of a beloved’s passing

And the happiness a new life brings —

No matter what —

Despite, and because of —

Above everything that’s happened

And may happen still —

Thank You, dear God.

Bountiful praises and glory

We give unto Thee.

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Photo by 42 North from Pexels

Sing me our song, darling

Hum us our mystic tune

That melody all our own

Our rhythm of age-old.

Grant me this briefest joy

As I close my eyes and sigh

And remember with a smile

When you were still mine.

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Photo by Stephanie Ho from Pexels

With every stroke

Black veils of paint

Coat and mask

What’s underneath

The canvas.

Yet no amount

Of ebony hue

Can cover up

The cracks and chinks

Of a shattered heart.

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Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

As the brutal legion
bearing crown-like spikes
rages war and chaos
Our heroes fight.

Their shields are scrubs
Their capes, masks

Their powers, grit
and caring, golden hearts.

Yet they tire and weep
they fear, they get dismayed
and just like us mere mortals
their lungs lose the battle.

Crownless they may be
yet heroes forever still.

Come, let’s, their courage sing
in ever remembrance.

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Following the recent Twitter noise about the arguments between prolific author Nora Roberts and a (foolish) reader, it’s natural to assume that this post takes that up.

Early Disclaimer: This post isn’t anything about that. (I wouldn’t dare!)

Quite the contrary, in fact.

Read on.

Are you on Twitter? If you are, I’m sure you haven’t missed the round of tweets about how prolific author Nora Roberts put a fan-reader in her rightful place.

Nora Roberts rarely makes herself heard on social media, but when she does, you couldn’t help but listen. …

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Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

This is Erica’s poem to Melvin in my award-winning romantic psychological thriller, Chroma Hearts. It plays a pivotal role in the book. Chroma Hearts is available on Amazon.

How do I love you? Let me count the ways.

I love you with a love

that springs from the deepest recesses of my heart

And emanates from the very abyss of my soul.

I love you as the soil thirsts for the rain

and hungers for the warmth of the sun.

I love you with the passion of a smoldering fire

Which ardor lives for your embrace.

I love you on…

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Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Candy-colored arc in the sky

Sending a message from God up high

Its bright and brilliant hues

Echo His voice — so clear, so true.

“Hold on to Faith

Let Hope always soar

May your heart be filled always with Love.”

Life can be a rainbow

If we remember to sow

Only good and kind things

Everywhere we go.

Mayumi Cruz

Author of diverse, cross-genre fiction.

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