Mayumi painting in Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaï. 2004, © Maurice Rebeix.

The amazing story of Mayumi Tsubokura, japanese painter of waves & surfing.

Mayumi and his mother.

From Tokyo to the first waves in the Pacific Ocean

Genzo Murakami, circa 1955
Shimoda, Japan © Tsunefumi Satoh

Experiencing Hawaiian waves

Wedding picture. Tokyo, 1972

A Surf Art pioneer

Study of horse, 1973

Mayumi, friend of the surfers

Rochelle Ballard, Layne Beachley, and Mayumi, Anglet, 2000
Kelly Slater and Mayumi, Biarritz, 1994
With Laird Hamilton, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, 1995

Mayumi and “Riding Giants”

Aloha Mayumi. Thanks for your healing hands & your teaching. 1995. Peahi. Laird Hamilton.
Darrick Doerner, Mayumi and Gerry Lopez, Anglet, 1994

“Before seeing “Riding Giants”, my ideas about surfing were formed by the Gidget movies, “The Endless Summer”, the Beach Boys, Elvis and lots of TV commercials. “Riding Giants” is about altogether another reality.

The overarching fact about these surfers is the degree of their obsession. They live to ride, and grow depressed when there are no waves. They seek the rush of those moments when they balance on top of a wave’s fury and feel themselves in precarious harmony with the ungovernable force of the ocean.”


His Art

Exhibitions and projects :

Mayumi and Rob Machado
With Derek Ho
With Andy Irons
With Lisa Andersen, 2015
Tom Carroll, Mayumi, Kelly Slater, 2009

Japanese artist living in Biarritz, France.

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