Dental emergency team

In dental clinics, there are many chances of having a medical emergency basically due to negligence by doctor in taking proper case history or by patient in not revealing his medical conditions.

In these scenarios, a dental team has to be prepared for managing the situation. Although there are emergency teams in dental hospital but still there are clinics which don’t have sufficient dental personnel to manage the situation.

A dental team will have a leader (dentist), an assistant, nurse, circulatory nurse and a minor assistant. Dentist will have to take the call and assess the situation. Assistant will assist dentist by providing oxygen to patient. Nurse will administer drugs based on condition and circulatory nurse will provide drugs to nurse to prevent delay in management. Minor assistant will monitor vitals and call for ambulance to shift patient to hospital.

Dental clinic should have an emergency kit which has to be properly maintained and changed time to time. Patient reassurance is also necessary in cases.

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