UI Design for Android with Sketch 3: How to be specific
Claudio Henriquez

Thanks! This was helpful.

I understand the gap that always occur between the designer and developers. Usually the outcome of the design is always way different from the files provided to the developers. I have faced this issue for years, and another reason that I have encountered is that it becomes tedious for the front-end developers to check each and every measurement relatively. They always start with taking into account the right dimensions though but leave it entirely as the project proceeds further. The reason is just that, they find it tedious.

Hope your points will at least reduce the chances of mistakes/differences in the files provided and outcome.

Apart from above, I have a small question — do you know of any way to convert existing px files which are in to dp? I found a plugin but when I am exporting the art-board to Zeplin, dimensions are still shown in px.

Let me know and thanks in advance!