Mayur Mundada

20yrs back Shah Rukh Khan produced and acted in ‘Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani’.

The film failed at the box office and they lost a lot of money.

To pay back its distributors SRK had to dance at a couple of weddings.

SRK does the same even today for all its partners associated with Red Chillies Entertainment.

In 2018, he produced Zero on a massive Rs 200 Crore budget. (Because of VFX and special effects)

Failed big time.

How does SRK payback?

From his own pocket, by giving lectures, talks, doing run-of-the-mill films like Chennai Express, etc.

To SRK, every film is like a startup idea.

Lessons -
1. Don’t let your partners (distributors, theatre owners, etc) fail is the mantra he lives by. Think long-term.
2. Take risks.

Don’t stop.