Conclusion v/s Confusion

There was a boy name Arun who used to remain confused all the time. When it comes to taking any decision he gets confused. After 10th exam he got confused whether he should take science or commerce. He even got confused to whom does he listen to his mother or his father. With lapse of time he built a low level confidence.

He became tired of his habit of remaining confused all the time and one day he went to his father’s room and broke down. His father startled and asked him why he is crying?

He said “ I am fed up Papa from myself. I do not have any confidence. You ask me anything i remain confused all the time. I never came to any conclusion but remain confused. I do not know what to do. I think so much still i never came into conclusion in any matter.”

The father smiled as he came to know what exactly his son is worried about. He put his hand on his sons shoulder and made him sit on bed.

His father replied “ So your fight is with your habit of remaining confused all the time. But you know when you remain confused in life you are making progress”

Arun shrugged his shoulder and said “ I don’t agree with you father. The one who comes to any conclusion in life is making progress.”

The father asked “ Do you know what’s the conclusion of life?

“No” Arun replied

“ Death is the conclusion of life” father replied.

The boy did not utter a word and remain silent for few minutes and trying to comprehend what his father just said.

“Conclusion means you have come to the dead point but if you are wandering means there also other areas in your life to be explored. You are confused means there is a room for something new to learn but if you came to any conclusion then it’s a dead point, you can no more learn anything anymore.” The father replied and smiled.

The son hugged him and thanked him for sharing his wisdom with him.