We all have that fear to face humiliation, insult and embarrassment in any situation of life. We feel uncomfortable when someone humiliate and insult us in alone or in front of others. To avoid that we do not face such place or situation which are tough to handle but otherwise can provide us a greater experience .Such humiliation and insult polish the coal in us and mould us into gold.
As a result we keep on living within the confines of our comfort zone and never try to fly in the open sky of freedom. Freedom comes from facing the hard situations of life and not by avoiding it.
So I have come out with a theory to take us all out of the comfort zone, that’s the theory of CHALLENGING THE GIANT. According to this theory a person who wants to live bravely first should put himself in a situation where he is bound to make mistakes and some authority should be there to put his face against the wall and bang his ego with all the harsh words whenever any mistakes happen.
What would happen then?
I will explain with this example:
Suppose there is a boy who works in his family business he is new to this business world and bound to make mistakes. His father (especially Indian father) won’t able to tolerate the silly mistakes and would say some harsh words which are definitely going to challenge his ego and broke his heart. Now he will give his 100% to prove his worth because the GIANT within him is CHALLENGED.
This giant will suddenly come out of you and will do wonders; your critics will suddenly disappear or may become your partner in the journey of your success.
So to awaken this giant you need to go through the pain provide by insults and humiliation. Such pain surely gonna challenge the giant and you will end up become a victorious person.
Just PROVOKE this giant within you who is ready to put a dent in the universe. This giant is ready to dance, create music, write a novel, ready to act, to become an entrepreneur. All you have to do is to make this giant angry so that like a bull he runs after his weakness to destroy it or runs like tigress which has tasted the blood of her prey (insult) and with her claw put down the prey to death.
If you have seen Rockstar movie you must have remember this dialogue,
“Tuute hui dil se hee sangeet nikalta hai”(Music comes out of a broken heart)
This dialogue is same in any field, without pain you cannot become that idol person which you have portrayed in your mind.
If something in life you want to gain,just endure the pain.

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