A first pass at a 30 day challenge..

This is the follow-up to https://medium.com/@mayursh/to-new-beginnings-and-challenges-b3456fb3bd20. This is where I document my journey in asking people for photos with me for 30 days. Either a reject, or a photo were both successful outcomes for me in this one.

Day 1 :

I took a mirror selfie in the gym because I wanted to practice for the real deal. I already was out of my comfort zone. I was feeling quite good about myself. Took a bath, and started walking on the streets to find that one person with whom I can take that selfie. There were 100’s of people in pike place market, one of the most iconic places of Seattle. And yet, I didn’t have the guts yet to ask anyone. So many thoughts were going through my head — what would they think ? Is this guy a creep? Why does he want a photo ? All sorts of weird thoughts were coming in. After walking about 5 blocks I finally saw a heavily tattooed guy and finally made my move. “Hi, I’m taking pics with strangers. Can I take a pic with you” “Haha. No.”

And yet, I felt happy. Just because I had that courage.

Day 2:

Again started the same way. Walked for 10 straight minutes. My heart was pounding hard as usual. I saw so many people, and I thought I could just ask any of them — and yet I didn’t. Finally just randomly — I saw an aged woman. “Hi, I’m taking pics with strangers. I’m doing this because I’m an introvert and this is very hard for me to do. I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone. Can I take a pic with you ?” “Haha. No. Go ask someone else.”

Day 3:

After 2 rejections in 2 days, I wasn’t feeling that good about this experiment. So the next day — I just skipped. But I didn’t let that hamper my progress. The day after that, while just walking to office I saw a guy. He was sitting and smoking. “Hi, I’m taking pictures with strangers. Can I take one with you.” “Sure” Due to it being unexpected, I blurted out — “Really ?” and he said — “Yes”. This was a watershed moment for me. Finally, a pic. There are people who don’t mind if you take pics with them and they don’t even ask why you want a pic. That’s just amazing from my perspective.

Day 4:

I was sitting in my favorite doughnut place having coffee and doughnuts when the group of police officers sit in the table next to me. After thinking for about 10 minutes, I asked one of the guys for a pic and he said yes. So that’s my pic with a friendly SeattlePD officer. And I’m on a roll!:-D

Day 5:

Went to a friend’s birthday party. That was my plan all day. To find my stranger in that party. And guess what I succeeded. She’s his neighbor. She gave me a lot of tips on how to approach this challenge. She told me when she walks she tries to make eye contact with people and just smile. Most of the people just think it’s weird , but those who smile back just make the world a better place. And I took that to heart. I too try to do that now. She was also very open about herself. We talked for about 30 minutes.

Day 6:

By this time, I was a lot more confident in this experiment and so while walking I saw these 2 cute girls and really loved their overall look. Specially the tattoo. So I stopped, introduced myself and asked if I could take a picture with them. And even when I was introducing myself, I could feel that they were just the friendliest people around. They had that kindness, and friendliness in their eyes. I asked them what they did — and they said they help keep a nearby place clean. I told them what I did, what I’m trying to do with this experiment, and we had a great chat. Even now, I don;t know what it was — but they just had that aura. And guess what, when I was leaving — the guy from the first pic shows up and says — “Oh, its this guy ! Hi.” :-D

Day 7:

I met her via a dating app, and we instantly hit it off. I met her for the first time on this evening, and we had a great time. No, it didn’t work out. Yes, she’s still a friend. And yes, she’s really cute. :-D

Day 8:

Out on pike place as is my usual routine. Found these 2 girls and they were a little cautious and didn’t look too comfortable. But they did have a “Oh, what the hell — lets take that pic look.” So, they agreed, and here’s this.

Day 9:

Asked a girl. She looked at me. She said no. That’s basically all that. :P

Day 10:

Met these two cute ladies. I was actually sipping a smoothie and just asked them if they can be my strangers for today. They were really happy. We chatted for a while. I put my smoothie on the sidewalk to take this pic. And we got this. :-D

Day 11:

And ending this part of my blog with the most beautiful and friendly girl I’ve met doing this. I was sitting in a coffee shop, and spent a lot of time just telling myself that it’s OK to talk to her. Finally, I did — and she was just remarkable. I told her about my 30 day challenge and she told me about hers. She started with completing a 10K as her goal, moved on to a half marathon, and now full marathon. Go Veronica !!

As an aside, this is also my favorite pic till date doing this. :-D

So, finally — I’ll continue with the next ones in the next part of my blog. I’ve learned a ton of things doing this, and will write about all of those once I’m done with this challenge. It’s just tremendous fun.

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