Mayur Technology’s secret guide — Things You Need to know before hiring Android App Developer

You’d also want to become the part of this digital revolution. You have the idea that is unconventional for the world. Wait. Before you approach someone for your android app development, you need to know who you are looking for.

1. Good Sense of Product Behaviour

Hiring an android mobile app developer for your brand’s android app development will definitely put some load off from your shoulders if they good sense of product behaviour. Experienced android app developers are not only android app designer but they should have a good concept of product design until the level where you can assist them on your own and not be dependent on a product manager. Product behaviour is a crucial part of the Android development process, and working with Android developers that have experience in it can save you a lot of time and money. They will give you different scenarios to make your android app look more than awesome what you’ve thought. An immature developer will make the things worse and will cost money and time.

2. Experienced in User Interface and Material

A good app must have good graphics but it should also have a user interface that should be easy to understand. UI will adjust every time you make changes in the mobile app. You can go for common UI patterns; you can take help from Google which introduced new UI patterns related to Material Design a few years ago. Your mobile app’s material design should be compatible with every mobile device. Hiring a right android developer will do all these things for you.

3. Experienced in releasing Apps and Publishing on Google Play

Experience is something that you can’t afford to negotiate. An experienced android app designer knows everything — from scratch to the final app published on Google Play. Hiring an experienced app will help you if you don’t have any technical background.

There are plenty of things like when you release an application, you have to sign it. You have to keep a hash key safely while will be used when you release it on Google Play and for further updates of the mobile app.

4. Have released bugs-free apps in the past

Don’t hire the developer on how many mobile apps he has created but focus on the quality. Make sure that your developer provides you bugs-free app otherwise you have to shell out more money to get your app working.

5. Someone who works in good coordination with you

The working of styles of Android app designer differs. If you hire the best android app developer of the world, it might happen that you find it difficult working with him. Before giving him the job, you should tell each and everything to him. There should be good coordination with you for a successful running mobile app. Like when you ask him to update the app; he would give you running the app within given deadline.