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Redesign of Smunch Web App, the First German Online Canteen

Let me tell you a story. A story of achieved goals, learned lessons, great teamwork and lots of enthusiasm and passion. The purpose of this writing is to share and present a redesign process that worked really well for us. I am far away from thinking that this is the only process that could be implemented. However, it worked for us as it helped us achieve our goals. Follow the steps you will find out why this was a success story.

I also have to warn you, my dear reader, that you might be hungry by the end of this article. Please excuse me for the inconvenience, but I would love to share this app redesign of Germany’s first online canteen. …


Mayya Geo

Between arts and technology. Experienced in UI/UX design, specializing in dev of mobile & web apps. I share my works at

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