To Those Who Feel Pain In Life For A Long Time…

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To those who feel pain in life for a long time, I see you.

I was a person in pain for almost two decades, I feel you.

The pain is so enduring that you wonder when will this pain end?

The pain is so throbbing that you wonder when it started?

The pain has no ends and no beginning.

And you would like to ignore the pain as much as possible.

I started to mend myself when I first heard a piece of advice.

The advice is “Go inward”.

The advice made me wept like a child.

Go inward.

Feel your pain. Know your pain. Heal your pain.

Your pain has a lot of things to tell you.

That was how I was released from my pain.

Hope it helps.

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Writings on Inner Wisdom and Spirituality

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Mayyee Lim

Mayyee Lim

Writings on Inner Wisdom and Spirituality

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