Interview With QA


Interview with Yogesh Khatri: Yogesh Khatri does Quality Assurance in Noida, India for MAZ. He has been with the company for a year, and previously worked at Adobe Systems. Follow him on Twitter @ykhatri.

1) What are the challenges for a QA team in the app industry?

In a fast paced industry like Mobile IT, QA has many challenges. With such a variety of mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Android, Amazon and different OS versions, QA has to ensure timely updates in conjunction with a stable release. Often changes are made up until the day of a release, and QA must cater for all these aspects and try out all user scenarios to find any issues.

2) Why did you move from Adobe to MAZ? What kind of differences do you observe from a large company to a startup?

I worked with Adobe since the beginning of my career. It’s a great company, but I moved to MAZ to contribute in the startup sector and work on mobile technology. We are able to experiment, innovate, and release products at a fast pace, which keeps me engaged and always learning.

3) What differences are there to look for when you test on iOS versus Amazon and Android?

There are many differences, and trust me on Amazon-testing is no fun. Android is very different as it is activity based implementation. On Android, we have to certify it for many different devices with all possible resolution supported like ldpi,mdpi,hdpi and xhdpi. That is definitely a big challenge. On iOS, as we have complete different code base and completely different experience, so testing has to happen while keeping those core iOS concepts in mind.

4) What changes did you see testing for iOS 8? What was interesting about working with a new OS?

For iOS8, there was major impact of rotation issues as xCode6 changed its interpretation of X, Y positioning. Hence, we had to do lot of testing around device rotation and make the product stable. Otherwise, there were no major changes incorporated as of now, and it was smoother. Here is a glimpse of one such bug which was observed with stable SW build on iOS8 and we addressed such issue and made specific release for iOS8.