MPA vs. MAZ Brand Audience Report

Published 10/17/2014

The MPA recently announced their Brand Audience Report, a detailed study of major magazine brands and a comparison of unique audienceship growth and loss from August 2013 to August 2014 in Print + Digital Editions, Web, Mobile Web, and Video.

We compared the performance of 161 MAZ titles to the 147 MPA titles calculating the average change in growth/loss of unique users per title, as well as the average percent of overall growth across the set of titles for both.

What we found is that growth of unique users across all MPA’s titles amounted to just over 2%* for the year. The total growth of unique users across all MAZ platform apps was a 68% increase over the year. Furthermore, the average change in growth for the MAZ platform apps showed a 374% growth, while the MPA titles resulted in under 2%* growth over that exact same period.

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*Note: MPA growth, loss and average calculations includes print circulation. MAZ does not handle print circulation, our statistics only include digital edition circulation numbers.

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