Timed Access Is Here!


Following on the heels of our redesigned storefront, we are excited to introduce Timed Access, a revolutionary new feature that allows users to preview paid content free of charge, for a given period of time.

For most publishers, only a small number of free app downlaods ever convert into paid users. Inspired by other app categories like games that leverage the “freemium” model, our intent is to help publishers convert more of their free downloads into paying customers by giving them another option: to browse for free.

Timed Access is the first of its kind in digital publishing: users can browse paid content, unrestricted, for an allotted period of time selected by the publishers. After the time runs out, users are then promopted to purchase the issue or subscribe in order to continue reading.

Imagine a magazine store in the airport to see the same thing happening offline.

For more information, read our full press release, and make sure to update your iOS devices to check out our new features!

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