Startup idea: Challenging government’s digital processes.

A while ago I was reading this: by which instantly gave me the idea of making it real but for a different country. For Bangladesh. So pondering, is it possible ?

Silicon valley have companies who values these and willing to donate which may be the starting point for a organisation who helps government but not a part of the government. In Bangladesh though, we won’t be able to sustain. We have started a startup company focusing on application and system developments ( ). Three of us started the company to help build a software development house in Bangladesh and someday build our own product. For now though we are working with startups from different countries to make their product a reality. Sadly, all of our clients are from outside of Bangladesh. We are not very profitable but we are doing quite alright and the products we are working with have huge opportunities (At least, we hope so). All of them are startup products. We are 7 of us, all of them are developers experienced in multiple languages. We can cover you in most of the popular dynamic/static languages and platforms. So above was a short ad for the startup that we built.

Can we build and challenge our government on the digital processes they have ? Of course, we can. Actually, any developer who has the modern web application’s architecture knowledges; can. So why our government failed to do so over and over again even with HUGE budget ?

Few problems:

  • Politics.
  • Lack of proper knowledges.
  • People responsible for the job are either do not care about how the system will turn out to be or they are too busy lying and/or bribing the ministries to get the job.

What will be the major challenges (almost impossible) in Bangladesh to replicate this; what seems to be plausible in US ?

  • Funds. We do not have silicon valley in Bangladesh.
  • Politics, we will never be able to get any contracts from government.
  • Running or doing a work that involves millions of data and proper server stack will cost a fortune (at least that amount of money for me IS a fortune).

But mostly though for me is the fund. In this beautiful country what we have or our advantages are:

  • Talents. We have enough of it which we can lure to work for us.
  • We know modern web stacks. We have worked with big data, processes and optimisation. We know how to do that.
  • We are young and modern developers. We can build systems fast and we can be agile without sacrificing the quality.
  • We know most of the government system’s problems, well at least the visible one.
  • We can give government way more incentives than the current software developer house are offering to the governments.
  • We love our country! (Not that I’m saying people who are getting the job doesn’t love the country; but sometimes I doubt, if they do love their country we would be using better government softwares)

So, anybody willing to talk to us and help build or challenge the government’s digital services? If you have a brilliant idea that you think we can grow together and help our country, do talk to us. Let’s do it for Bangladesh. I know we have enough brilliant software engineers to make it a reality. Let’s contribute however we can to a project that will benefit our country.

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