Startup life: one year and counting…

To be honest , neither a pleasant journey nor a millionaire yet. Heck, no product even (in terms of polluxlab’s point of view). Though we didn’t really have any product idea that we wanted to sell in the market ourselves.

We had a different approach to all things startup, maybe kinda old school; thought of becoming a software development house; build some client project be part of it and grow from there. Wanted to sustain the minimal growth in a regular basis. So far we are on the right track I think, though fucked up some lovely opportunities which could really give us some push towards our goal. Still very shaky and uncomfortable situations , not much savings either. My co-founders are doing good, well, at least one of them is giving everything while the other one is still pondering where he is. Not sure if this is what I want in my founders either.

Lots of uncertainty, lack of processes, commitments but we are pushing and trying to be there. Sometime I reflect on my last year and think; did I ignore what I should have committed to most ? Or am I committing my time to something that is never gonna be a reality ? Heck, these are just thoughts, never I could give them importance while making decisions or doing something. I think I gotta learn to prioritise my thoughts, channel them to something fruitful. I’m not sure, if I’m doing the right thing. I’m just doing what I like. Though I should commit more of my time on these instead of venturing in the world of great unknowns (sometime just surfing and reading up on hacker news).

Still not too broke, can manage myself and the family in the process of running startups (not profitable yet mind you). But I think I’m happy for what I did, have some regrets on I could do much better, could take better decisions and move on from something that I already knew is a blackhole.

Do I want to go back a year and change everything again? Probably not. Do I still have a good future? Not sure yet, but hope so! Still 27.

Still working with, and another baby of mine: Servicelcicks is kinda stalled. Have worked with few other wonderful people on their startup projects. Still working with them and think the products will turn out to be a great success if we can ship them on time!

Joined a full time job too. With SEEK ASIA now.

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