Some ICONOMI ICO statistics

Update September 1st 16:20 CET: LSK charts added.
Update October 1st: Full ICO data available here and here.

With ICONOMI’s ICO campaign attracting 2.8 million USD in its first week, ICONOMI will end up in top 50, and probably even higher, on both Wikipedia’s top crowdfunded projects list and Coinmarketcap.

I’ve compiled some data on the money they have raised to date in cryptocurrencies. I’ll post this in a series of posts as the campaign continues and as I collect and process more data.

For this first post, published at the end of the first campaign week (when investors got 15% bonus), here’s some data about investments in bitcoin and ether, the two currencies where the bulk of the investment was made.

BTC investments, firs week

The first chart shows the timeline of BTC investments. As is usual with similar ICOs (eg. Ethereum’s and The DAO’s — I’ll add some links when I find them), the bulk of investment comes just before the end of the most lucrative period of the campaign (as in this case). I expect another similar spike just before the campaign end, and possibly lower spikes before bonus percentage drops (each week).

Here are similar charts for ETH and LSK:

ETH funding, first week
LSK funding, first week

Interestingly, the ETH and LSK charts are not so nicely shaped as the BTC one.

There were just over 1100 total investments in BTC, about 530 in ETH and just under 200 in LSK.

Below are histograms showing total investment by investment size. This data is already aggregated per investment address, so if a user made many small investments to the same buy-in address, they are counted as one large investment.

Investment size ETH
Investment size LSK

Note that in the ETH case (second chart), the first 5 buckets have width of 10 ETH, whereas the rest are sized 50 ETH.

I’ll follow up with further posts as the campaign progresses. Let me know what kind of data you’d like to see.