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content creation

What is content creation? Content creation is the process of generating topic ideas to educate, entertain and engage the audience.

Content takes various forms such as text content, audio content, video content, infographics, and other formats; and all contents created are goal driven which is why one has to be intentional when creating content.

Contents do not comprise of any information, there are created in tone with the brands message or niche. For instance, which is a sport network will not create contents that are not related to sports or will Bellanaija create contents not related to weddings and event. So all contents are created in consonance with the niche.

Importance Of Content.

The importance of content can never be underestimated as content is the life wire of every niche/brand. …

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Social media account growth poses to be a difficult task task as you have to beat certain algorithms most times so to grow your account(s). But nonetheless, there are certain practices which helps one build and grow their social media accounts massively.

Below are great practices that are proven as the best practices to help one grow their accounts in no time.

Consistency : When people follow your social media page it is mostly because they have seen a value in your page and are looking forward to more of it. Consistency grows your page overtime, meaning that you have to keep sharing contents on your page(s) as to beat algorithms and appear in the faces of other accounts and get noticed. …


Chukwuebuka Ajah

I Curate Top Notch Strategic Contents To Help Your Brand Become Formidable. Content Creator | Branding | Copy Writing | Marketing Tips

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