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All eyes are on the rise of the fintech generation as it begins to revolutionise the way we do business. …

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Merry Christmas from MAZLOW team

For people in their early and mid-twenties, when reflecting on their parent’s life, though full of admiration for putting up what they had to in order to get where they wanted to go, feel that since tomorrow is never guaranteed, there is a little more emphasis on living in the moment whilst still planning and saving for the future.

The idea that a bank could be part of that, instead of being the nightmare that they tend to be, with inconvenient opening times and red tape galore is very intriguing. Now when I previously stated that there is a bigger sense of carpe diem with millennials, I do not mean in a frivolous way. Rather however they invest more in wellness. Most of them would gladly invest 20 minutes of our precious time to a TED talk, on the off chance that it might inspire us or change our perspective. Forty-somethings would never bother to listen to someone not known to be an expert on a subject, talk about it. …



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