DuJour Magazine: Bringing Luxury Print to Digital Life


About 2 years ago, I had the privilege of joining a very talented group that was tasked to bring the vision of DuJour Magazine to life. It was a very exciting and fulfilling journey that gave birth to a beautiful, luxury print magazine. Fast forward and here we are marking our 10th issue, which comes out mid-November. As many of you know, start-up environments require employees to wear many, many hats, so the opportunity to create the App version of the print edition, fortuitously fell into my lap. After much consideration and due diligence, the obvious choice was to work with MAZ to host and help optimize the content.

I took it as my personal responsibility and goal to breathe life into the print version, and not just convert it to digital, but make it completely engaging and interactive so that consumers can experience the full capabilities of a digital product. Fortunately, MAZ makes the process quite seamless and turnkey. The conversion starts with the PDF file and working closely with my printer, we established the right balance of resolution and size that would allow for a reasonable download time of each issue.

MAZ helped me establish a presence on the iTunes store where the DuJour Magazine app is a free download, but then the rest was up to me. The powerful and intuitive tools in MAZ have allowed me to single-handedly expand the passive consumption of a magazine and provide an entertaining, and in many cases, a useful experience. Consumers aren’t just reading, they are engaging. Now, they can complete the path to purchase, clip and share with friends, link directly to a featured URL, post on social media and more. And, with every flip of a page, a new adventure is waiting to begin.

As I became more familiar with the process and studied the stats that are available in the MAZ solution, I could easily see what was working, and what was not. Based on the metrics, I am able to adjust and optimize to create a better experience. From strategic use of icon, with no impact to the page design, to the simple press on a page to show the invisible links, consumers are engaging and spending more time with the product. The numbers speak for themselves as we continue to see the App grow in popularity and key engagement numbers — time spent, pages turned, etc.

The App, and all of the interactive elements made possible by the MAZ tools, have allowed me to continually expand the footprint of DuJour and effectively link the print product with our website. For example the “Featured Content” tool allows me to take the readers directly to Dujour.com on a daily or weekly basis. And, the “Notification” tool allows me actually speak directly to the app users, and alert them of new content, or special updates, and links. Both create great sponsorship opportunities for our advertising partners.

There’s so much more that I can say about this new, expanding world that leverages the DuJour assets in such an efficient, turnkey way. But, simply put, the opportunities are endless as we continually collaborate with MAZ to deliver a better user experience, stronger brand awareness, and new revenue streams for DuJour.

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Shawn Lowe is Vice President of Production for DuJour Media. Follow DuJour @DuJourMedia.

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