Geo Push: Send Regionalized Push Notifications

One of our favorite new features is Geo Push, the ability to send regionalized push notifications. It was built for NewsX partners to bring relevant breaking news to the right people in the right places.

Using push notifications is the best way to engage, retain, and market to your users, by bringing content directly to them instead of making them come into your app. We’ve seen app sessions double on days that push notifications are sent out!

With Geo Push, partners can get even more granular by targeting by region, time zone, and platform.

iOS Capabilities
You are able to take advantage of Enhanced Notifications within iOS. When push notifications are received, iOS users can 3D Touch on the notification to see image previews, open directly to the content, save for later, or share– right from the notification itself.

Push notifications lead to a 5X increase in engagement, 65% app retention, and double the amount of sessions. We’ve also seen saving from wearables go up by 18%. If you’re not using Geo Push, let alone push notifications at all, let’s begin!