It’s Our 7th Birthday!

We are celebrating our 7th year as a company! It’s unbelievable how much time has flown by. We remember 2010 like it was yesterday: iPhone 4, iPad 1, our Breaking Bad and Mad Men obsessions were just beginning…

Over the last 7 years, we’ve powered apps across 8 generations of iPhones, 5 generations of iPads, a bazillion generations of Android devices, as well as Apple Watch, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, HTML5 and more.

We have been lucky to partner with some of the most incredible brands in media, as well as hundreds of niche publications! Shoutout to Forbes, AMI, Bloomberg, Rodale, AMI, Outside TV, Hearst, Pearson, WebMD, ACBJ, Entrepreneur, Adweek, Gannett, LittleThings, National Review, Robb Report, CTE+, Observer, The Hill, NTD TV––too many to write here!

We’ve seen trends related to digital publishing and content consumption go up and down. We saw the start and end of the Apple Newsstand. Consumer behavior has pointed to the tablet, mobile, video, OTT, and who knows what’s next — VR? AR? Holograms? Perhaps watch the news in your self-driving car?

As a company, we’ve grown from 3 people to 12 people to 40+ people! We went from offering iPad-only PDF replica apps to creating a comprehensive CMS that can ingest and create feeds, host media, set up metered paywalls, and allows our partners to dynamically control their apps across all mobile and OTT platforms with three unique products: TVX, Phoenix, + MAZ PDF.

We’ve moved offices once, twice, three times… and we’re already outgrowing our newest digs. We’ve seen each other get married and have children! We’ve seen most of the NYC office injure their ankles or wrists. And we’ve been a family to each other through the good times and the extremely difficult times as well.

We’d like to thank you and everyone who has partnered with us over the years and supported us in any and every way. We cannot wait to see what the next 7 years has in store for us, and will continue to work tirelessly to keep improving and innovating.

— The MAZ Team