MAZ Updates: New Features for OTT, Live Streaming and More.

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Upgrades to the OTT Preview

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Our OTT Preview tool has gone under a complete overhaul, and has received upgrades and improvements that make it much more powerful and useful in previewing your app. OTT preview now will support all OTT layout themes, including our newest and most popular themes, Full Screen and Spotlight. We also listened to your feedback and have made some additions to what can be previewed using the tool. You can now view all content, even in locked feeds. You can also preview time and view based metering, as well as design elements applied to the Saved section. Check out the new and improved OTT Preview in the MAZ dashboard!

Massive Improvements in Backend Architecture

We upgraded our server infrastructure across the board to improve the reliability and speed of our platform. After the outage experienced earlier this month, we put a strong emphasis on making sure our database infrastructure is as stable as possible, which prompted our move away from IBM Compose.

The upgrades to our infrastructure has led to these platform improvements:

Drastically faster processing times for new content. Prior to the server upgrades being made, content processing times could take up to 40 minutes. We have reduced this time by 50%, with content updates taking on average less than 20 minutes.

Sharply decreased Push Notification delivery times. We added a dedicated server specifically for Push Notification delivery. This means that push notifications are instantly sent out to the app stores on the MAZ end, whereas previously there were sometimes delays caused by server congestion. Any remaining delay in the delivery of push notifications is now App Store dependent.

Reliability improvements in content ingestion and processing. Earlier this year, there were many reports of content missing from the apps, which was caused by our servers dropping timed out requests. Our developers identified the root cause and were able to implement a fix for these timed out jobs meaning your content will be processed and pushed more reliably.

Live Stream Support Extended

We have added some feature improvements to our live stream support. All live stream feeds can now be put behind a paywall. We have also introduced a new LiveStream feature with JW Player which will allow customers to show a static screen before your live event actually starts and once a live event has ended.

Spring Serve Integration Added

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You can now monetize your video content by connecting videos ads to MAZ via SpringServe. This new integration is easy to use and only requires that you create an ad tag URL through your SpringServe console. Once you have created ad tag URLs, you can simply add them in the Video Ads — SpringServe section of the MAZ dashboard and the ad tags will be passed as is for each platform.

MAZ OTT and iOS Apps can now be CCPA Compliant

In light of the California Consumer Privacy Act, the MAZ platform now include tools that allow your apps to be CCPA compliant. In order add these compliance tools to your app, you will need to go into the dashboard and fill out the corresponding CCPA Compliance screen.

We appreciate your continued feedback which allows for improvements like these to be made. Feel free to reach out to us with any other suggestions at success@mazsystems.com! Or if you’re interested in starting with MAZ, schedule a demo with us here. We would love to hear from you!

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