‪Prisoner’s dilemma is going to force people to take risks, break rules and return to old habits long before any treatment or vaccine. ‬Explain?

Here we go.

‪People are constantly competing.‬ People will use the richest channel available in order to win the game at hand.

‪Rich channels require more effort but can create more memorable experiences with nuance and serendipity. They are higher def but cost time, money and now, can risk viral spread.‬


‪At Work: Richest channel is HQ.

Every few years the internet reminds us how beautifully connected we are and for a fleeting moment, we return to summer camp.

AIM, Early Twitter, Path, Meerkat, Vine, Early Snap, Clubhouse, Turntable.


Reunions with old friends. Forging a backstory with new. Warm nights receding into daylight. Belly laughs and great jams. Intimate. Carefree.


In another life I’d be running a summer camp. Instead, I search them out and when I get that feeling, I try to get involved or invest. For the last few years of Sundays, there’s one summer camp I couldn’t get out of my head…

The first step is admitting.

Digital addiction is quickly becoming a public health crisis. Space is the newest product to help you break it.

The average person pulls their phone out 85 times a day. I am an addict, and judging by the number of faces stuffed in phones, there’s a good chance you are too. You likely can relate to the all-too-common feeling of guilt after 20 minutes have disappeared while your family, friends, or inbox are ignored. Giving a smartphone to a kid is like handing them their first pack of cigarettes. …

The scene: You’re at a dinner party with some of your most interesting, captivating, worldly, informed, culturally aware friends. You know, the friends you text when you land in London and need to eat somewhere delicious, right now. Yeah, those people. All night long the conversation is riveting. They tell you which plays to see, what movies to watch, the album that you need to download immediately (and don’t disguise their shock that you haven’t already). A few bottles of wine later (the labels of which you took snapshots of), you say good night. You fall asleep making mental lists…

Late last year, we launched a new experiment: an SMS-based, highly curated beta list called Lowercase Alpha. You sign up with your phone number and every so often we text you when a new app is available. If the app sounds interesting, we send you the invite info and provide you the opportunity to give feedback to the makers directly.

The goals were:

  1. Let non-VCs and tech people see fun products before they officially launch
  2. Give founders a new way to gather insights from a broad range of engaged users while still in beta
  3. Provide Lowercase founders and friends a…


One of my favorite parts about working in early-stage venture capital is the opportunity to peer into the future and play with products long before they are released. As an investor, getting my hands on an early product is the best way to understand what entrepreneur is thinking and grasp their vision into where a market may be heading. As a big nerd, I love getting to play with whatever is next and watching products evolve from their earliest and roughest incarnation into the polished platforms we all know and love.

One of the challenges with testing early products…

#Meerkat became a trending topic yesterday. VCs, actors, musicians, founders, and even a US Senator all jumped into the live streaming pool, and for many who jumped in with them, the internet felt fresh again. This week I wrote a few thoughts about why live made the internet feel less lonely. Barely a week old and something had struck a nerve. For some, Meerkat was shifting from trend to verb.

I want to explore a couple questions. One why and one what. TLDR: My answer to both is concurrency, but I’ll get there.

Why Now?

We've seen this show before. I watched…

Meerkat and Periscope. Mobcrush and Twitch. For people not paying attention to live video, these could easily pass for 80s rock bands. For those who have followed Ryan Hoover, Danielle Morrill or me this week, you know they represent the bleeding edge of a movement towards live moments layered on top of our otherwise asynchronous digital world.

Below are some hopes and fears for shared live moments and why Twitter is the perfect soil for it. But first, a quick story.

Live Makes The Internet Feel Less Lonely.

We’re awash in snaps, tweets and grams promising our friends are out there. Yet, with each missive we send…


Life is a potluck. You've got to bring something to the table - Sekou

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