How to Plan the Perfect Birthday Cake for Him/Her

I tend to think of Julia Child as a pioneer of her time, but not for the reasons most people would think. For me, it is one simple sentence that has paved the way for cake-lovers decades beyond her time:

“A party without a cake is just a meeting” — Julia Child

I’m sure many work meetings would have been much more enjoyable with “eat delicious cake” as a main agenda item. So thank you, Julia, for making cakes a staple at any good party.

Speaking of meetings and ‘grown up’ business, my parents had a joined birthday celebration not too long ago. Just between you and me, picking out the right cake was not the easiest task!

Here are some tips I keep in mind when picking out cakes for my parents or any adults in general.

“These are a few of my favourite things…”

Everyone has something that will instantly bring a smile to their face (apart from cake, of course!). It might be a favourite sport, a special bottle of wine, a movie, a TV show, the list goes on! Why not have the best of both worlds and have that in the form of a cake?!

This is also perfect for holding a themed birthday party — yes, one for you and not the kids. Find out what we had to say about children’s birthday parties here

Let your imagination run wild with getFoodi’s custom cakes!

Cake’s Way
Cakes By Lila

Go for the Classic Cake

You cannot go wrong with the classic flavour combinations: chocolate and coffee, chocolate and nuts (hello Nutella), chocolate and vanilla…ok maybe just chocolate and everything! Even the fruitier ones like lemon, coconut, strawberry, there is something so timeless and nostalgic about these. I’m yet to meet anyone who doesn’t want to feel like a child again!

Our talented bakers take these ‘old school’ flavours to the next level with their amazing creations. Why have a plain old mocha cake when you can have “espresso Italian meringue buttercream and chocolate crunch”?

Espresso Tiramisu Cake by Cakes to Crave

Or surprise them with something different

Time to mix things up a bit? getFoodi bakers are always experimenting with new flavours and techniques. Rose and lychee, dark chocolate and black sesame are just some of the unique flavours that our bakers offer. Every cake is intricately decorated and designed as well. It’s not every day that you come across a ‘waterfall’ of macarons or an ombre cake!

Pastel Macaron Waterfall Cake by Lozbakes

Let us know in the comments below which cakes you prefer or leave us some of your own tips and tricks for choosing the perfect cake!

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