Has the bell begun to toll?

Through the noise a bell is ringing.

It’s taken 8 weeks….

10,000s of murders.

Displacement of millions of civilians.

Add a demonstration of unsolicited aggression and devastation against a weaker neighbouring sovereign state.

It’s taken 8 weeks for the United Nations to finally step up and articulate face to face with Russia, that member states ( of the UN) are required to respect the terms of the charter they subscribe to and act accordingly. Member states agree to work within the mechanisms of this institution if they have issues they wish to resolve with other nations.

To date, 28 April 2022, Russia is in breach of all the above.

It’s taken 8 weeks for Western Europe and other countries around the world to come together and face the facts that the 70’s autocrat has no intention of abiding by anything but his own rules, visions and aspirations.

It’s taken 8 weeks to realise that threats of nuclear war are simply that — threats. And even if they are not it’s taken the same time to realise that they too can inflict the same pain on Russia in return, and play the zero gain game.

It’s taken 8 weeks to realise that Russia will continue to expand its southern flank westward in the eastern part of Moldova, Transnistria, a place that has never been a headline in global media up until now.

It’s taken 8 weeks to face the bully and put up.

To deliver the arms Ukraine has been begging for, and to do this regardless of the threats of reprisal.

Better late than never.

Why is this finally occurring?

I believe we are witnessing a change point, 3 weeks behind what is actually at play.

I believe the pressure game that has been at work for weeks is emerging.

A combination of events involving the Oligarchs, the next Kremlin management, the Chinese perspective, Global economics, Food, Resources and what is determined as the map out of the forest has been decided.

The world is no longer prepared to trudge through a protracted and out of date path to the clearer plains.

Better late than never.

Instead this needlessness concludes soon — and for the first time Putin will have to decide if it is satisfied with what it has achieved in its “operation” ( an old fashioned scorched earth policy) and bring it to a conclusion — or NOT.

If he chooses the latter the lines are drawn and the consequences will be the legacy he lives for his beloved Russia.

Isolation. Reparations and Bankruptcy for years to come.

The blabber narrative is a mobius of words and jargon that no one has really understood or believed has been cut. It lies on the floor like a piece of cut paper.

It’s taken 8 weeks to achieve the shift.

People, politicians and countries deny change, but finally it is happening.

Let’s hope the power of this new solidarity holds and is sustained.

As dangerous as it may appear it is certainly safer than continuing to stand by the madness we see every day at a time when the only WORLD WAR we should be waging is one to save our deteriorating planet. The one that cares nothing about borders, cultures or religions.

The one that puts all this bullshit in perspective.

It’s a quarter to midnight. I hear the bells tolling.




www.Blumberg.com.au https://www.linkedin.com/in/ michael-blumberg-a501261b1 Agent of Possible Highly engaged futurist and predictor of events.

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Michael Blumberg

Michael Blumberg

www.Blumberg.com.au https://www.linkedin.com/in/ michael-blumberg-a501261b1 Agent of Possible Highly engaged futurist and predictor of events.

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