The Peculiar Evolution of Identity Documents (Part 1)

A Brief History of Identity Documents

Ancient Rulers, Geography and the First Issued Passport

Map of the region in the 9th century BCE, The Northern Kingdom is in blue while the Southern Kingdom of Judah is in yellow.

A Nazi Spying Story and the Beginning of Photographic Identification

Carl Hans Lody [7]

When you are in England, Lody, you are not in Germany or France with a neutral frontier close at hand to assist your escape. You will have to get through a port, and it will not be easy … It will mean death if you are in the slightest degree careless. You must remember that all foreigners will be watched everywhere. Your correspondence will be opened and your luggage will be ransacked. They will go over your passport with a microscope to see that it is not forged and they will make you notify every change of address that you have. [4]

Lody’s American documents, in the name of Charles A.
Original passport of Charles Inglis used by Carl Lody to enter the U.K.[7]

The End of World War I: An Inflection Point in the History of Passports and the Start of Travel Document Standardisation

First passport standard by ICAO [2]

ICAO: the Internationally Recognised Organisation for Issuing Travel Document Standards

ICAO logo

The Use of Technology in Document Security Features and Standards to Combat Different Types of Document Fraud.

Structure Visual Security Features

The Game-Changer: Introduction of the Integrated Circuit, in Travel Documents

This e-passport symbol is usually printed on the cover of biometric passports.

Forging an identity document with an IC chip? Harder than Mission Impossible

The Worldwide Success of Electronic Documents

The different categories of identity documents currently in circulation





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Mohamed Ben Arbia

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