Coding in Anger (A Stolen Phrase)

Monday May 4th, 2015

Week 2/24:

Day One(M): Had a ton of trouble with the weekend lab… Part two is tonight…*sigh*. Evening: Ahhh I see how this works. Feeling very accomplished in regards to functions and arrays. Also went through some of the code academy JavaScript lessons to reinforce what I have learned in the previous week. Also created another cheat sheet for today’s work.

JavaScript Cheat Sheet

Day Two(T): Today we started with sorting algorithms. I find these simple to understand. We wrote our own version of the “bubble sort” method. Only problem I had was (of course) with syntax and placement of my return. I kept placing my return(array) inside the for loop. This basically stops the for loop after the very first run through (which is NOT what I wanted).

Bubble Sort- JavaScript

This code is redundant because it continues checking the last elements even though they are correct after the first sort. (bubbleSort!(array)) would destroy the original array.

Day Three(W): Evan (an instructor from Colorado) presented on “Learning how to Learn”. I feel that my ideas regarding learning are very much in line with what he presented. For the first time in my life I feel that I am at school for the goal and sole purpose of learning. It’s ridiculously refreshing.

Day Four(R): Really enjoying TDD (Test driven development). I feel that it helps to establish a framework for my code. It makes my functions clear and concise(efficient and effective, potentially my favorite words to say and hear). Feeling confident with how Jasmine (Node) works despite it being a pain to initially get to work. I think I will pick up speed with TDD the more I practice. So far so good.

I spent some time attempting to organize my GitHub account. That was mildly unproductive. I want to put multiple repositories into one file but can’t find an answer literally anywhere. It seems that I am not the only individual unable to figure out how to create folders and move repositories on the website. *Sigh* (Someone fix itttt!!)

This is a mess. Told you.

Day Five(F): Today is Friday. That is all that needs to be said.

Except I have a few choice words for recursion. Not really though. I expected it to be more difficult. It seems intuitive. Maybe. I guess I will find out this weekend while practicing. (FYI: Recursion is basically when you use a function inside another function. Sort of like the idea of Russian Matryoshka dolls.)

I feel obligated to post an example. Here is it in all of it’s stunning glory.