Ahiara Crisis: Where has our honour gone?

By Chidi Opara
Published: 12.07.2017

I had made up my mind not to comment on the on-going write-ups on Bishop Okpaleke and our Ahiara Diocese. But I am beginning to get put out by the conduct of our people as a whole, and our priests in particular. I am not a priest but I am not an ignoramus in certain matters of the Christian Faith and the Catholic Church.

All the same, I do not intend to make this too long a write-up. I want to raise and address just one question.


It beats my imagination that a renegade priest like Amadi-Azuogu, has become the mind and idol of our people. That is not my Mbaise. This is a man who the lure of the things of the world became so much a burden for his then priests colleagues in his various religious communities. When his lack of control for his dangling third leg became so unbearable that he could not live without a woman, he eloped with a lady religious, who, to all intent and purposes, he must have brain-washed. This same man is now talking about exposing the "dirty archives" of his perceived enemy Bishops. Is that a threat or blackmail?

That is very belittling! Does Amadi-Azuogu feel safe if the bin is spilt? Let him wait until the abuses he caused as a priest begin to be exposed. He is still young and so, many who know him or lived with him are still alive and waiting. Good enough, he is no more the responsibility of the church so he may end up rotting in jail if he does not meet up with his fines. He should read in-between lines.

I believe Azuogu is getting frustrated for leaving the priesthood and the fact that the Church cannot allow him to function as a priest and at the same time be married. Evidently, he lost his voice as a priest and public figure, and he is now trying by all means to make himself relevant in the eyes of the people who despised and cajoled him for his inglorious past.

I am ashamed that this is the man my people have allowed to parade himself as "Agu na eche mba of Mbaise".

Priests of Ahiara extraction, can you not see that Amadi-Azuogu wants to drag you down the road he is walking painfully? Do you no longer know your limits?

Anyway, the truth remains that the majority of our priests and the Laity stand with the Church and her decision. However, very few can declare that in the open because of a powerful clique, who though are in a great minority, go around intimidating, harassing and even maiming people.

But for how long shall my people be cowards in the face of this selfish and shameless clique who know they have lost every hold and pride and so are ready to destroy the joy of a whole people.

Awake my people!

If you priests allow what is looming to happen, blame yourselves because you have everything to loose. Knowing that most of you are very materialistic and gullible, hunger and poverty will stare you in the face. Anyway, I am not surprised as it seems some of you now have guns. May be you are getting ready to be armed robbers? Just think twice because the long arm of the law may catch up with you.

I believe we had a true concern asking for our son to become our bishop. But that is not always the case. The world and the Pope have heard us. We now have to be reasonable and face reality. It is the right of the Church to take final decision in such matters. Our religion is one of faith and obedience. We are rather showing ourselves as people with heinous intentions.

I beg that this message be circulated to priests of Mbaise extraction.

God bless Mbaise nation!

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