By Dr Kachi Nwoga

Below is a recent contribution from a member of the Ahiara Diocese stating some facts and clarifying other issues.

Published: 10th June 2017. (Day after the Holy See Press released the message of the Pope directing the Ahiara Priests to write to him)


In addition to the numerous Vatican publications I earlier posted those who still are in doubt can see additional publications from both the Vatican Radio and the Vatican Press Office in her official Bulletin of the Holy See, and whose links I also place here:

Even more official. From the Vatican Press Office. (the English translation can be found within the link):

If a catholic would believe that the Pope is misled, the Conference of catholic Bishops is telling lies, the foremost Cardinal of Nigeria John Cardinal Onayekan, the Nutiature in Nigeria (the Vatican Embassy and representative of the Pope in Nigeria) and the hierarchy of the Vatican including Cardinal Filony etc are all telling lies in a gang up, then if Jesus was to come down from Heaven we also would allege that he has been bribed.

We are indeed at a crossroad in the matter of our faith. No matter how far anyone would wish to run from it the fact is that the Pope has spoken and re affirmed once more his earlier stance. No matter how much we wished otherwise, the Catholic Church has decided that it would go one even in our disobedience. Worse still by July 9th, our Priests may face suspension from the Pope.

Suspension of a catholic priest means he would no longer perform his official functions – administration of the sacraments. When a priest can no longer wed people, hear confessions etc what are we still doing with him in the Church. It could still get worse to think that the suppression of our Diocese is an option especially if the lay faithful do not show alignment with the Church

It is a decision time – The Catholic Church under the Pope or a break away group including the Priests who do not comply with the Papal directive. For me the choice is more than obvious. I call on those who wish to remain in the Church to please work with me on this to see how much we can mitigate this damage. It could really get worse. I wish that we would reach as many of the Priests and the faithful as possible to see how we can reunite with the Mother Church. If we loose the church then the entire quest we engaged in to bring what we considered just in the service of our Diocese would have been in vain. It is not about who is right or wrong but about how to limit the damage, restore our Church in Ahiara, and continue to appeal to the conscience of those that make decisions on our plight. This cannot be achieved if we are cast away as renegades. Nobody will be on our side when we are known to disobey the Pope. The Parable the Pope used in describing us says a lot and certainly not at all complimentary. We do it for ourselves, for God and for our People.

It is my wish to remove this matter from the political space in order not to be mishandled or allow unnecessary egos to hold sway over rational decisions of faith. Please inbox me if you feel interested in this recovery effort.

Thanks and May God Bless and Guide all of us in His true mission.

The author, Dr. Kachi Nwoga (a medical doctor) was Fmr Mayor of Owerri, fmr Chairman of Ahiazu, Fmr Snr Tech. Adviser to Imo State Governor and is a member of St Patrick’s Ekwereazu Parish, Umuokrika. He can be reached on: kachinwoga@gmail.com

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