By High Chief Emeka Nwoko
Published: 16.07.2017

The Church is a mother and takes her time to gently correct her children, when they err. In her patience lies her endurance over generations past because she is built on a Rock. She NEVER rushes into anything without careful deliberation, a mark of Prudence.

Ahiara brethren, fear not! we shall overcome this crisis. We as individuals feel very upset over this flagrant violation of our sacred spiritual abode, by those who are supposed to have protected it for us with their lives. All their efforts shall come to naught. Victory shall be ours at the end. Let those who want to continue making fools of themselves through obstinate behavior continue to do so. 'Mmakwaraa' (had l known) will come at the end.

Please let us pray for the souls of those who passed away during this period propagating this shameful disobedience.

Those who through their present behavior, continue on this path which the Pope has described as mortal sin, it is for them to reflect on this and examine their consciences.

Every priest must individually decide his future. Repentance must be TOTAL and ENTIRE. None of the priests should feel coerced to accept the manifest dictates of the Church.
He will blame himself for any wrong choice.

My Mbaise people let us actively join in preserving Ahiara diocese and welcome Bishop Okpaleke.

Let us pray, pray and pray.

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