Rights Mbaise Catholics Must Demand

Published: 12.07.2017

Mbaise Catholics exercise your rights as Catholics: Demand Obedience & Compliance from your parish priests!

1. Catholics in various parishes of Ahiara diocese must demand from their priests to specifically mention and pray for our bishop, Most Rev Dr Peter Okpaleke during the Eucharistic prayer at Holy Mass.

2. The diocesan and parish executives of the various sodalities: CMO, CWO, CYON, LEGION OF MARY, and every pious association should meet liaise with the Vicar/delegate Rev Dr Ebii, and publicly support Bishop Okpaleke. They should also reach out to their members to do same.

3. This battle for Catholicism and true faith in Mbaise must be won in our hearts and convictions, and then overflow to our relatives, friends and neighbours.

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