ArcGIS export to CSV

The default option for exporting attribute data from ArcGIS is to a text file format. Unfortunately there are no options to set delimiters. It’s not difficult to convert from a text file to a CSV file but it is possible to have ArcGIS export a true CSV.

ArcToolbox to the rescue

Buried in ArcToolbox under Spatial Statistics Tools/Utilities is a script called Export Feature Attribute to ASCII.

Script location

This script opens a dialog screen that allows you to select the fields to include in the output, add the field names as a header, and use either space, comma, or semi-colon as a delimiter. There is no option to specify whether you want all records or the currently selected records but it appears to only export selected rows. As with the missing IN operator, I’m not sure why ESRI don’t make it part of the default UI given how prevalent CSV is for sharing data.

Export dialog
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