Project 3 — Blake Alsup

Margie James, founder of the aviation fueling service, Rebel Services LLC, stands near a line of hangars at the Ripley Airport.
James signs checks for her employees at her desk. She originally started the business in 2009 with $900.
James discusses an upcoming project during a staff meeting in the conference room. Rebel Services has grown enough to employ 13 people, including James, her husband Tommy (pictured to her right) and son, Dalton.
James inspects a Shell gas pump that employees have been working on.
James checks serial numbers on a newly acquired truck. It is one of several in the back lot behind the Rebel Services building.
James looks over a prover trailer that was recently rebuilt.
Employees of Rebel Services show James a piece of equipment they have been working on.
James looks into one of several fuel canisters in the middle of the warehouse.
Working at Rebel Services LLC involves a lot of driving. James spends a lot of time on the road whether she is traveling to meet with customers in South Carolina or somewhere as close as Corinth.
This map keeps track of where Rebel Services LLC has done business. They are currently licensed to operate in seven states and they conduct business in 11 states.
James checks gauges on a fuel tank at the Ripley Airport.
James stands in front of the beacon at the Ripley Airport. Rebel Services has acquired over 30 acres of land beside the airport and adjacent to their building on Highway 4. They intend to expand the business and continue to grow and help the local economy and community.
James checks inventory in the Rebel Services warehouse.
James stands near the top of a fuel tank at the Ripley Airport to check measurements.
James’ favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13. Her Christian faith influences every aspect of her life, so she decided when making her business logo to have it incorporated into the design.
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