Matthew Barnes

Professor Niles

English 103

21 September 2016

Writing Center Interview

During my interview in the writing center, I learned many different ways on how to use it for success in my academic writing. The first tip my writing center tutor Michael Keenan gave me was to come to an appointment with goals. He mentioned that it seems that kids will come to an appointment hoping to accomplish way too much in the team they are allotted. The best way to get the most out of a writing center appointment would be to come with one or two clear goals on what you want to accomplish. The goals can be as simple as picking a topic to write on, or as final as reviewing the conclusion on a final draft. Michael claims that this strategy will make appointments at the writing center more productive and will help kids get more out of an appointment.

Another tip Michael mentioned was don’t expect to come an appointment at the writing center and be told what to do and what to change. The writing center should be collaboration between the tutor and the student. Michael wants everything to be in the hands of the student while the tutor is there to answer question and help formulate ideas. Michael wants the relationship to be thought of more as a friendly relationship rather than a teacher to student relationship. The more control the student has the better the appointment will go according to Michael. The student needs to know what they want and the tutor should be there to help the student figure out how to get these ideas down on paper.

Another tip Michael gave me was that the writing center is not there to ensure good grades, but rather to become a better writer. The writing center is not a place where you just drop off a paper and pick up something worthy on and A in a class. Michael says the entire point of the writing center is to become a better writer, and get new tips and strategies. Once you can use these new tools effectively in your writing then the good grades should follow.

The final tip Michael gave me on a how to use the writing center successfully was to use the writing center as just another set of eyes to look over your paper. Even if you think your paper is the best it can possibly be, it can never hurt to just have another set of eyes look over it. Michael claims that the best way to use the writing center is to actually use it. Only positives can come from having an experienced academic writer look over something you have written. And even if you don’t change a lot on that specific paper, you will almost definitely learn something for the next paper.