Facebook, you creating a boring duplication !

Why Facebook is creating everything duplicate to all its platform??

Starting with newsfeed to the latest release of personalized news feed (again)

Stories and again stories.

Your day , status update. Come on zuck! Are we dumb people ?

This will cause less users in each platform in the future.

Why should you post a story to FB, Instagram, whatsapp??

Which feed contains the most related and interesting news?? Facebook new news feed ? Facebook old newsfeed? Or maybe Instagram which right now my favorite feed !

All these updates lately makes us very robotic to all reactions. We don’t really like a certain post! We just tap “like” on it since we know the person behind it. We don’t have time to even read the first line till the end. So that’s what these platforms making us.

I hope that soon we will stick with no more than 2 main platform ! Hopefully!