Sexual Emancipation

Cosmic energy

I have been reading a lot of Osho’s works recently and they have radically influenced my reinvigorated perspectives on sex, love, human relationships, and the subsequent institutions that we’ve built our society’s paradigms around.

I am gradually shifting towards more progressive and liberal trains of thought in that regard, not defined as per say in any secular terms, and not necessarily subject to the dictates of an ‘ism’. But rather a constant, continuous, infinite, graceful energy… and energy is never fixed with a beginning or an end, it just transforms.

Don’t become attached to this energy. Connect with it, observe it, flow swimmingly through it, and supreme growth will await you on the other side.

As we’ve progressed through adolescence, coming of age, and transitioning into adulthood, we have been systematically conditioned to be acutely self-conscious of our sexuality to the point of it becoming almost burdensome as a result of its bastardization. This process has brainwashed us, tremendously so, sadly. We need to work within ourselves and in-between each other in order to undo this travesty and reclaim the innate sexual glory that burns deep beneath the embers of our core.

Sex is considered a taboo. Something that invokes shame, inhibition or awkwardness when engaged with openly and transparently in social circles. Something so majestic, and something that is so intricately woven within our human tapestry has been reduced to euphemisms — watered down meekly so as to become more palatable for sects of people with sensitivities who hide their discomforts behind suppression and condemnation. Because sex is too powerful a thing to be left in its natural state without regulation.

Sex is sex. It is what it is. You can’t be afraid of the truth. Walk in your truth, embrace your truth, and let your truth liberate you. To fuck is to be alive. And to fuck greatly is to witness the God within you!

Own that quality, don’t be ashamed of it.

Sex force is life force. It gives life, both literally and metaphorically. Its beauty ought to be celebrated, practiced, and embraced in its primal virility — as regularly as possible — without reservation. It is such a wonderful gift to share… the gift of yourself, the gift of truth, the gift of life itself.

I love sex. Always have, always will. I have no qualms in saying that. The only difference now relative to the past is that I am more attuned to the power of expressing my sexual maturity openly and freely, because it is the doorway to entwined transcendence, when it is done right, under the right circumstances, with the right kind of person… One who is capable of physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually going with you to that place to experience the unfathomable esoteric delicacy that is soul fucking. (Don’t confuse this kind of sex with your everyday run-of-the-mill shag that is more a chore than an indulgence.)

Not everyone is brave enough to go there, to go to that place. And that’s okay. It takes a good dose of vulnerability to go there, to be fully seen, to be fully known, to fully surrender, in both your light and your darkness… And not everyone is comfortable with that idea, and consequently, not everyone will experience this kind of earth-shattering love-making. Because vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, creativity and authenticity.

What I’ve begun to learn throughout my encounters and experiences thus far is to not let your light dim so ‘that others won’t feel insecure around you’, to paraphrase Marianne Williamson’s iconic piece of prose, Our Deepest Fear. Don’t waste precious time and energy on things and people that do not serve your purpose. Rather share this special gift with those rare ones who will treasure its shining beam that leads to the pathway towards the Kingdom of Eternal Enlightenment.

Sex is art, the creation of a masterpiece between lovers conjoined into one

I will fuck your mind.

I will fuck your body.

I will fuck the past right out of you.

I will fuck you a new future.

I will fuck you back to your virginity.

I will make you feel both violated and adored.

Then I will do it all again and fuck you into a new kind of love.



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