Finished Products and Left Over Ideas

I’m nearing the end of my project. I’m done pouring resin and wrapping wire. I’ve begin working on tags for each pendant I’ve made. I have tie bags to sell them in. I’ve found a prop, a short old CD stand, that will display at least some of them.

There’s not a whole lot I have left to do. The process has been very rewarding, but also disappointing, as there was a lot I wish I could’ve done. My idea was to make Zodiac themed pendants using dried herbs and resin. Most herbs are attributed to a planet and element, just as zodiac signs are. So it I thought it’d be valid to say that herbs with the same qualities as any given sign would be representative of that astrological symbol. This fell to waste when I discovered that there aren’t herbs that fall under every Zodiac dichotomy. It was also difficult to find the herbs I needed for the signs that were technically possible. I succeeded in making pendants for three or four of the zodiac signs, but they weren’t very aesthetic, so I don’t think I’ll be selling them. It’s still a project that I might pursue in the future, but it was too ambitious given the time I allotted myself for this project.

I’ve come up with a few new ideas that I could pursue in the future. One is making Orginite pendants, which are made up of resin, metal shavings, and quartz crystals. I happened upon orginite when researching natural remedies for lethargy and inattention. The idea is that the resin contracts as it dries, putting pressure on the crystals, causing them to release a charge. Meanwhile, the inorganic metals are constantly attracting and repelling energy. Because the properties of orginite are constantly circulating energy, a “scrubbing” action takes place, cleansing stagnant and negative energy. This supposedly gives wearers more energy, better sleep, and decreases sensitivity to EMFs, which is a kind of pressure that is a emitted by all of our electronic devices and has been thought to cause anxiety and fatigue.

Another idea I had was experimenting with coffee grounds. I used them in one of my pendants and I really liked the effect. I could swirl the little particles and make neat designs. The pigment of the coffee also bleeds into the resin, making a nice rich brown color.