#Rwanda is About Facts not Propaganda.

“I’m not asking for self-censorship. I’m asking for self-awareness.”

President kagame and First Lady during a Monthly Umuganda.

I have to agree that being patriotic is not necessarily the same thing as being an FPR Member . You also don’t have to be an FPR member to be patriotic. But if you are an FPR or from another Party , you don’t owe anyone an apology for it. There is one thing for all of us , We have to stand true to ourselves , Our Agaciro/Dignity as human beings , to our Ubupfura that our elders have sacrificed for many years to be where we are today .

The Rwandan Patriotic Army(RPA), the armed wing of the FPR (Rwandan Patriotic Front), led by President Paul Kagame ended the genocide against Tutsi by defeating the government that carried out genocide against Tutsi and responsible for the killing campaign of over million Rwandans. FPR soldiers saved a hundreds of thousands people from annihilation. They even stopped the killers in the act of attacking or preparing the atrocities across the country. in which we salute their unbreakable Ubuntu spirits, and their Sacrifices , which are a gift to the nation and the seed from which the new Rwanda grows, and that is why almost all Rwandans so desperately want Paul Kagame to lead them come 2017.

Over 3.7 million Rwandans from all walks of life petitioned parliament with a request to amend the constitution, especially its article 101, in order to allow President Paul Kagame to continue leading the country after his constitutional second and last mandate in 2017 , Citizens have overwhelmingly approved the revised Constitution with 98.1% accenting the referendum question . President Kagame in-view of this overwhelming majority accepted the peoples request during his new year message to the nation,“You requested me to lead the country again after 2017. Given the importance and consideration you attach to this, I can only accept,” He Said. However, Kagame added that he has no intention of becoming a President for life, he stressed that Sooner rather than later, the office will be transferred from one person to another in a manner that will serve a purpose, not merely set an example.

Quoting what President Kagame has said during #Kwibuka20 , ” We the People of Rwanda, we have made three fundamental choices that reside always in our hearts and minds”:

  1. we chose to stay together.
  2. we chose to be accountable to ourselves.
  3. we chose to think big.
"I'm not asking for self-censorship,I'm asking for self-awareness.
I'm only asking for honest soul-searching.
for those with cobwebs in mind, Is it that there is nothing good happening in Rwanda at all?"

The biggest asset Rwanda has is its resilient People, where Youths make 70% of the country’s 12 million people. The landlocked East African country has limited natural resources, but is aggressively investing in its people as a resource. But this can also be country’s greatest liability; a double edged sword. It is sad when those very articulate and intelligible people use their eloquence to speak and write negatively about their own country by ignoring the true side which is very admirable Home and Abroad .

Rwanda’s economy has grown rapidly under Kagame’s presidency. Annual growth between 2001 and 2014 averaged 8% per year, Rwanda government announced that last year’s GDP grew by 6.9%. According to the African Development Bank, GDP growth in Rwanda is projected to rise to 7.5% in 2016. The President Kagame government’s economic policy is based on liberalizing the economy, attracting more investors in Trade and Industry , creating more jobs, reducing red tape for businesses and transforming the country from an agricultural to a knowledge-based economy. Especially tapping into the youths, with instrumental pro- youth initiatives promoting skills and employment in Infrastructure, Natural Resources, ICT, Health, and Education. Kagame vision for 2020 was to emulate the economic development of Singapore since the 60’s and achieve a middle income country status .

” A Man of His Word “

President Kagame during his 2010 re-election campaign pledged to keep promoting Free education on his agenda and He has made education a high priority for his administration, allocating over 17% of the annual budget to the sector. Today the Rwandan government provides free education in state-run schools for twelve years: Six years in primary and six in secondary school.

The Goverment of Rwanda have innovated a program of Community Health Workers and provided them a medical training for quicky medical intervation , this has facilitated cutting maternal deaths by three quarters, and combating HIV/AIDS and malaria. The number of children vaccinated increasing from 75% in 2006 to 90.1% as of July/2015. Prevalence and mortality rates have sharply declined in the past decade and in 2008 health insurance laws became mandatory for all individuals by 2010, over 90% of the population are covered.These policies have contributed to a steady increase in quality of healthcare. In 2010, 91 children died before their fifth birthday for every 1000 live births, down from 163 under five deaths for every 1000 live births in 1990. Prevalence of some diseases is declining, including the elimination of maternal and neonatal tetanus and a sharp reduction in malaria morbidity, mortality rate and specific lethality.

During the last Umushyikirano 2015 , President Kagame mulls the Vision 2050 that would deliver the country to more economic growth and self-reliance in the future, and he noted that the new Vision chapter will be about building on what has been achieved to aim for more :“What we have achieved is a sign of what is possible. We have done a lot towards Vision 2020, so Vision 2050 is also possible given what we have achieved,” he said.

The report, compiled by the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) and its partners in Sept/2015 shows that over 660,000 Rwandans have been lifted out of poverty over the last three years with poverty levels reducing by 5.8 per cent . Back in 2011 where a million Rwandans were lifted out of poverty between 2006 and 2011 as a result of a 12 per cent poverty reduction over five years, from 56.7 per cent in 2006 to 44.9 per cent in 2011. This good story about Rwanda recovering after 22 years from tragedy essentially raising hopes that Rwanda could succeed in eradicating extreme poverty by the year 2020.

We cannot enumerate the positives as they are an umpteen. And it is not the idea of this opinion piece to do that. It’s only asking questions such as why we are not talking about our successful hosting of the AfDB 2014 annual metting ,Transform africa Two Editions , WTO , Interpol General Assembly, Kigali International Conference on the Protection of Civilians, and the on coming Africa Hotel Investment Forum, the World Economic Forum on Africa and the African Union Summit this year.

You cannot stop accentuating our national progress because it coincides with FPR successes . we have to accept it’s refreshing to be self-deprecating. But sometimes some of the writings we read and see on social media are quite seditious. Granted, patriotism is not blind loyalty to one’s rulers or leaders . It is however, loyalty to one’s country. we use to see our fellow men who declared themselves as the Enemy of Rwanda being asked where they were from and their answer is like “I am from Rwanda but … blabla … You know our country … democracy…” I can’t even spend any second to hear the rest. I don’t feel there are any ifs or buts about being Proud of your Country .

You may not like your brother but love your family and don’t go about denigrating everything about it from the patriarchs to the totem and the rest of your siblings so that it proves your father wrong. You can’t go about apologising for being who you are…at all cost you are a Rwandese.

There is nothing to be invoking this self-loathing mentality. And one doesn’t have to be an FPR member to feel the way I do. It is not an attempt at proselytization to say Rwanda have more positives than negatives. It just needs its citizens to propagate these rather than have all its virtues undermined just because one hates FPR or Kagame success story . Nationhood is not an obsolete notion. It is a concept we postulate because it makes us a People.

Saying positive things about your country is not propagating a partisan agenda…,It is a duty of every Citizen.

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