How my 16-year-old self valued her human existence in an essay

I found a torn page of what seemed like an essay made for high school homework among the documents laid on my desk. I thought that it would be a waste not to share it on some kind of platform, so I decided why not publish it here on Medium?

The essay may seem feeble but I think it is worth something because after all the16-year-old me is still a part of who I was and who I have become.

— —

How do I value my human existence? We exist because we have a life. I exist because I have a purpose. This is all I’ve got here on earth. This is what I hold on to and to think about it, it is not even mine. So, I do whatever I have to do to make my existence as a human here on earth valuable. The question is how?

Every second, every minute, I breathe as my beats. I talk to people about so many things. Every day I wonder, I learn, I think, I do everything a typical human can do. Everyday time flies so fast that you even can’t waste a minute or two. They say time is precious and so, I value my existence by also valuing time as if it is my own. I do not waste time on the unnecessary, I rather spend time with my family. I do not only stick to my To-Do list but I explore, learn, experience things that I’ve never done before. I surely cherish every moment I spend with friends and I take time to know people much better. If I do not have time then I make time.

I live my life to the fullest. I do everything to the best of my ability. As I am still in the process of becoming a true human, these things I’m doing to value my existence may not be enough. So I will say what I need to say. I will not count the days of my life nor the years I’ve been alive because everything I learn in this world comes from the journey and not its destination. Life is too short to waste, we don’t know when will be our time. If I were you, I will make time for everything. In short, grudges are a waste of happiness so I will laugh when I can, apologize when I should, and let go of what I can’t change. I’ll love deeply and forgive quickly. I will take my chances and give what I have. I will love what I’ve got and always remember what I had. I will learn from my mistakes, regret them for a while, and move forward. That is why every day I say to myself,

“People change, and things go wrong but always remember life goes on.”

It seemed like my 16-year-old self was so sure of her purpose here in this world. She sure was a force to be reckoned with. But, I guess she hasn’t seen the world yet to be so sure of herself. I wonder if she had grown or are her desires to be someone of purpose are still deeply seated in my now 26-year-old self.



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Marielle B

Marielle B

Always a Pharmacist, sometimes a writer, oftentimes an artist.