Node Haven Community Update — November, 2018

Hello Node Haven Community! 
It has been a while since our last Medium post, BUT there is really good reason for this that you’ll discover in this article. Rest assured we’ll be posting updates much more frequently here on out! Let us know what you think on any of our socials — Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Reddit @NodeHaven or

Core Focus

You see, since our inception 11 months ago we have been very fortunate in building a community of supporters like you that has ultimately led us to meeting exceptionally talented people. Some of these community members have joined our team, and many others support us in various ways through things like introductions, strategy planning, and partnerships. Because of this, Node Haven has been able to quickly scale and execute on a more robust project with a multi-disciplinary team. The coming together of great minds from the community is what allowed us to excel to where we are now. We always welcome your thoughts, questions, opinions, or any commentary and we love to have open discussions with you all. Who knows, you might end up on the Node Haven team (or a critic with excellent feedback — we’re happy to have you too).

With that said, let’s get into the proper update. Nearly 6 months ago, we briefly discussed a significant expansion including new ASIC Cloud research. While it has been in our roadmap, this update will catch you up-to-speed on our expansion on this very topic.

Merging Technology (Crypto & Cloud)

In short, we have expanded the team and focused our efforts on building an intelligent super-cloud. One that, in addition to solving the impending data boom of IoT, reliably serves existing enterprise cloud applications on a secure decentralized network. We enable miners to out-compete the current cloud market by providing the Haven Platform, Haven Network and Haven Hardware that uniquely allows enterprises to provision ASICs, and in time quantum devices, for applications such as database query, AI, search and video transcoding. The Haven Network introduces the proven competitive model in cryptocurrency mining to the cloud, bringing the lowest electricity costs, most efficient equipment, and hyperscale datacenters with power consumption that rivals the largest datacenters in the world. We believe that by transferring these market and cost efficiencies to the cloud, it will be more profitable for Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS to use the Haven Network’s infrastructure layer rather than build and maintain new datacenters. Thus dispersing power amongst all miners and participants, ushering in a new co-operative cloud era.

Market Opportunity

To put this into perspective, crypto mining totals for significantly more power usage than the cloud industry, yet only accounted for a revenue of ~$6B in mined coins this past year. Whereas cloud, using significantly less power, generated over $150B in revenue this past year with significant Year-Over-Year growth rates of up to 27.6%. Node Haven enables miners to serve the cloud on a decentralized network to attain significantly more revenue for their infrastructure in a manner that is insulated from crypto market behavior. This is especially effective for miners with underutilized infrastructure. In addition, we invite infrastructure operators to join our colocation platform to host hardware for hardware owners in need of hosting. Please reach out at if you own/operate/manage datacenter infrastructure and are interested.

Technology Stack

Node Haven will be vertically integrated amongst the core pillars of cloud. There is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). We will have:

  • Haven Hardware & Network (IaaS): Decentralized network of datacenters, specialized ASIC clouds, high performing hardware, low electricity cost, etc.
  • Haven Platform (PaaS): Enterprises do not have to worry about the networking layer, OS patching, nor maintenance. Interact with the infrastructure layer.
  • Haven Marketplace (SaaS): Developers can deploy their applications to our platform/marketplace, and Enterprises can leverage them. Existing cloud partner networks and applications will be integrated and leveraged.

Node Haven’s hardware, hypervisor and network stack allows operators to virtualize ASICs in a way that is compatible with today’s VM’s and Docker Containers. ASIC Virtualization is enabled utilizing the Gen-Z memory architecture, built by a consortium of leading computer industry companies like AMD, Xilinx, IBM. Node Haven is a proud and active member in the Gen Z Consortium, leveraging this architecture for The Haven Network’s infrastructure layer.

Forward Looking

Ultimately, there’s two fundamentally disruptive shifts we’re well positioned to serve. One is that the impending data boom in IoT will require edge compute and localized processing. Just think, a self-driving car can generate 10GB of data per mile. Gartner predicts 20 Billion connected IoT devices by 2020. Current cloud infrastructure is not well equipped to handle this influx of data efficiently, and a shift to decentralized clouds will be required. Secondly, we are virtualizing ASICs for application specific clouds which brings a whole new set of advantages. There will be a massive shift in how the world views cloud computing. Node Haven will provide an effective solution that integrates with today’s world and only gets better with new technologies and blockchain adoption.

Stay on the lookout for more granular updates and announcements on our team, partners, and milestones achieved, coming very soon. Upcoming releases include our revamped documentation including whitepapers, yellowpapers, presentation, and website.

Onward and Upward,

Michael Bazzi | Co-Founder | Node Haven