The new 2017 E-Class is expected to hit U.S. dealerships in the summer with a host of impressive improvements and innovations. These are just some of the new additions you can expect from Mercedes-Benz’s latest luxury vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Upsizes the E-Class

At first glance, the 2017 E-Class doesn’t look too different to the outgoing 2016 model. The neutral styling this luxury sedan is known for has remained largely unchanged. However, look a little closer and you’ll see the 2017 model is a little larger than its predecessor. The latest E-Class is 1.7 inches longer than the 2016 model, and its wheelbase has gained an extra 2.6 inches. Bigger may not always be better, but the additional size helps the E-Class cut an even more imposing figure.

New Nine-Speed Automatic Transmission Powers Turbocharged Engine

On arrival in the United States, the E-Class will be available with a 2.0-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder engine. This sporty motor makes 241 horsepower and 273 pound-foot of torque. Its nine-speed automatic transmission is an upgrade from the seven-speed auto transmission seen on the 2016 models. This ensures you can always be at the right gear, at the right time, for improved performance and better fuel economy. New drivetrains will join the base model in due time, but details are scant at the time of writing.

Large Media Screen Makes Customization Easy

A generous 12.3-inch media screen dominates the 2017 E-Class’s center console, similar to the unit seen in the latest S-Class. The graphic display makes it simpler to see the information you need and to customize your driving options on the go. The screen is a touchpad, but you can also control it using a touch-and-swipe interface built into the steering wheel. It’s the first time we’ve seen this innovative technology on a production car. Frequently used options, such as driver assistance functions and climate control, also have dedicated dashboard buttons.

Cutting-Edge Safety Features

The high-tech safety features that come standard with the E-Class are what really set this motor vehicle apart. The new Pre-Safe Sound system features sensors that detect when the vehicle is heading for a collision. When the E-Class senses danger, the sound system emits a special noise, which triggers the stapedius effect, a human ear reflex that helps protect against hearing damage during an accident.

The 2017 E-Class also comes with Drive Pilot, a suite of safety features that take some of the pressure off drivers. Drive Pilot can drive autonomously for up to 60 seconds before you’re required to put your hands on the wheel. That’s four times longer than the autonomous driving of the Distronic Plus. Drive Pilot is a master at following traffic and coping with stop-start traffic.

If you struggle to squeeze into parking spaces, you’ll love Remote Parking Pilot, which lets you park your car remotely using nothing but a smartphone app.

It might not have seemed possible, but the 2017 E-Class Mercedes-Benz has set a new standard in luxury and innovation. Look out for these impressive motor vehicles at your local dealership in the coming months.

via Mercedes-Benz of South Charlotte Blog