Trash on Beaches

Many people, especially college students, go to the beach for a fun spring break. On the beach there is drinking, eating and parties. Most of the time, no one cleans up afterwards. This leaves a big mess that becomes harmful. The trash gets in the oceans and hurts the animals.

How? the trash ruins the ocean. All the dirt and disease and bacteria gets in the water. The oil and residue left over leaks into the ocean and makes the animals sick. Some animals get caught in the trash or even swallow it which causes health issues with these animals. Also, this trash takes forever to decompose and so it just floats in the ocean for who knows how long. This is polluting our planet. This is killing our animals.

Would people continue to do this if they knew all the harmful effects that comes from the aftermath? All these people only see that fun party or the beach. They are too focused on wanting to have a good time they don’t think past that. Their trash is thrown all over and sweeps into the ocean and around birds, etc. This trash left is a leading cause to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

What’s the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? It is a giant collection of trash and debris gathered in the North Pacific Ocean. It also is referred to as trash island or the garbage vortex. If it isn’t stopped now, it’s predicted that this trash collection will double in size within the next 10 years. Do you know how much trash that is?

So you tell me; is a party that lasts a few hours worth killing our environment?

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