No Bill, No Break
Gabby Giffords

I couldn’t agree more Gabby. The Democrats in both the House and Senate should hold a sit-in and refuse to pass any legislation until there is a bill passed that not just adds regulation to gun ownership — which won’t make any difference at all — but advocates confiscation of all guns except those owned by law enforcement officers.

I prefer that because it forces Democrats to stand up for what they really want. You and I both know you don’t give a rip about more regulation because none of the regulations suggested in the last seven years — none of them, not one — would have prevented any “mass shooting.” “Common sense regulation” is nothing more that a straw man you’re setting up to fail so you can move forward with the “Australian solution” that both Barack and Hillary favor.

If the Dems all refuse to pass any legislation, nothing will get done and that’s a plus.

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