The aim primary of IdeaHunt is to change the conversation, for years we have been talking about all the challenges we face as a nation, it is time for us to take action and start talking solutions.

Participant at Mbele IdeaHunt 1.0

Nigeria did not meet the MDGs and the recent report by UNESCO shows we may not meet the SDGs 2030 maybe until 2070 with the current level of progress. One of the major challenges is the lack of knowledge by many of our teens and youths in the area of problem-solving. …

My name is Peter Ayeni from Abuja, Nigeria a Fellow of The Do School Berlin I am developing Mbele a platform that is poised to revolutionize the Educational sector in Nigeria, by making Learning fun and Rewarding for all and this is My Story:

On the 12th of June 1998, an event occurred that shook the whole of my existence and everything I called beauty disappeared before my own eyes. I was on the assembly ground, a 9-year-old when I got the news two of my siblings were involved in a car accident that claimed their lives. This was hard…


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