At ASOS there’s an ever increasing demand to run experiments at scale in our mobile apps. Spotting an opportunity to improve current processes, where we had to manually implement and release each experiment individually, we built a custom “Url Injection Framework” which makes it possible to implement configuration-driven experiments that can modify any API call or network request without requiring app changes and releases.

On Oct 28-29 a group of ASOSers attended Droidcon London 2021 (refer to this other blog post to see how much we enjoyed it), and Ed George and I delivered a talk about this custom framework we developed in-house to do AB Testing at scale in the iOS and Android…

What’s new in Android, machine learning and TensorFlow, the web platform, Firebase, Google Assistant and Flutter

This article provides a quick bulleted list of all announcements made at the Google IO 2019 Tech Keynote, which you can watch in full here:

Every bullet point has a timestamp, so that…

Having created my first app using Flutter, I weigh up the technology’s pros and cons against the other big cross-platform development contender — React Native

This time last year I published an article with my impressions of React Native, which was all the rage in 2016 and 2017, with companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, Walmart, Airbnb, Skype and more investigating it, or even actually implementing apps (or subsections) with it.

But this year, React…

The article shows how to implement an architecture where Azure Service Bus receives messages to signal a product going out of stock or coming back into stock, which would trigger an Azure Function to send push notifications to clients that subscribed to ‘back-in-stock’ events for the affected products.

A modern e-commerce website based on the microservices architecture is probably powered by a variety of different services and APIs: Promotions, Customers, Product Catalog, Search, Checkout, Recommendations, Order Processing and potentially many more pieces. These services can communicate between each other by direct API calls, if they need an immediate…

What’s so special about Ethereum, in comparison to Bitcoin? How to write a Smart Contract with Solidity, and what are its constraints and workarounds? How much do transactions cost, and what are gas and gas price? And finally…how can a developer make money with this?

This is a multi-part article. Here are the links to the other parts:

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Software Architect (and iOS / full-stack dev for fun)

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